In the Begining...


Below pictures from 2001! Anna birth to 10 months

Other old pictures here

DEC 29 Yu, Zac, Simon
DEC 24 X-mas party at Merks
DEC 23 X-mas party at Zac`s
DEC 16 X-mas party at the Poes
DEC 15 Modelling Spring fashions / Lucia Fest
DEC 14 Anna head shots and guitar lesson
DEC 8 The gang at Sally & David's / Hanging in Shibuya
DEC 5 Red Sweater, shutting off our PC
NOV 22 Chigasaki for the weekend, Ukelele / Guitar jamming
NOV 17 Onsen in Manazuru for the weekend
NOV 16 Miki & Zac
NOV 13 Playing, crawling, smiling
NOV 12 At the park /eating mikan
NOV 5 Aki & Keiko drop by for dinner
OCT 29 Celina Merk's 1st Birthday party
OCT 28 Tough guy, walking
OCT 22 Randy Moss - Vikes crush Packers
OCT 20 Meg & Ikepin get married
OCT 19 Chikako / Yu-chan / Janet's sweater
OCT 16 Eating rice and hijiki
At Yoyogi Park
OCT 13 Swimming School, Yoshida-san
OCT 10 Anna Rowdy in Red
OCT 8 Anna & Zac & Keimei
OCT 7 Kyoko's cousins get together in Yokohama
OCT 6 Kyoko's cousins get together in Yokohama Part 2
OCT 1 Anna in pink & with backpack
Gin & Uly stop by, Early morning sun, reading the Economist
SEPT 23 Hachiman Matsuri Festival / Susan Merk entertains
SEPT 22 Anna Stars & Stripes, hiking
SEPT 21 More Picture of Michiana sent from Jimbeau Michaud
SEPT 20 Lots of Babies at the Akachan Salon in Omotesando
SEPT 7 Michigan house and garden
SEPT 6 Anna's Grandpas and Mommy
SEPT 5 Barb, Jim, Jimbo & Tai Chi
SEPT 4 Pictures of Carolyn, Deidre & Gonsky
SEPT 3 Beach shots at Lake Michigan
SEPT 2 Beach shots at Lake Michigan
AUG 31 See you all soon
AUG 29 Jamming with Prince and Daddy
AUG 28 Miki Laight stops by to play with Anna
AUG 27 Back at IGM swimming
AUG 26 Anna with the Merk girls!
AUG 24 Anna's friends stop by to hang out
AUG 21 Anna getting rowdy and crying
AUG 19 Bathtime
AUG 14 Kiyoura Garden in Chigasaki
AUG 13 BBQ and hanging in Chigasaki
AUG 7 Sleeping & Sleeping - Maguro &Watermelon
AUG 4 Anna swimming at IGM in Ichigaya
JULY 2001
JULY 23 3 Hot Chicks, Carrots, Barry, Kunizaki
JULY 19 Chloe, Simon & Miki stop by
JULY 15 First swim in the Ocean, relatives from Nagano
JULY 14 Anna Banana, Hanging out in Chigasaki
JULY 12 Anna Close-up
JULY 11 Hanging at Yoyogi Park
JULY 9 Anna Blue Dress, Bathtime
JUNE 2001
JUNE 29 Anna & Darren
JUNE 22 On the subway, with the Lobster
JUNE 19 Happy Pictures part II
JUNE 17 Happy Pictures
Kyoko & Anna
MAY 2001
MAY 25 Pictures from Minnesota
MAY 22 Pictures from Michigan
MAY 20 Pictures from Chicago
MAY 5 Various friends over Golden Week
MAY 4 Anna discovers her feet, grass and sand
APRIL 2001
APR Late Various pictures late in April
APR 15 The Minnehaha Academy Munchkin
APR 14 Kaori & Yu, Idepon, Natsuki & Ki, Atsuko & Keimei
APR 9 The girls from Showa, Kyoko & Anna around Tokyo
APR 8 Adrianna Alpern stops by
APR 7 Simon & Miki, Remi Hyman at the Westin brunch
APR 1 Keiko stops by, Cherry Blossom Season 2001
MARCH 2001
MAR 31 Anna and Friends - Zachary, Hotta-san, Kiyoka, Takezo
MAR 28 - 3 Various pictures of Anna from 3 weeks to 5 weeks
MAR 28 - 2 Various pictures of Anna from 3 weeks to 5 weeks
MAR 28 - 1 Various pictures of Anna from 3 weeks to 5 weeks
MAR 22 Farewell party for Cindy James starring Anna
MAR 21 The Big Buddha and Hase Kannon temple in Kamakura
MAR 19 Various pictures of Anna / Deidre changing a diaper
MAR 18 Hotel Okura, Satoko and Anna
MAR 17 Deidre & Carolyn arrive in Tokyo and meet the new McKellin
MAR 14 Anna eating and hanging with Kyoko
MAR 10 Murata stops by to hang out with Anna
MAR 4 A short walk out to Kuhonbutsu temple
MAR 3 Shogo, Toshie, Keimei and Atsuko stop by to hang out with Anna
MAR 2 New Bed and Feeding for Anna
Feb 17 - 27 Pictures of Anna McKellins first 10 days
Feb 11 Tim Widerquist stops by for juice
Feb 10

Kyoko gets a moxibustion treatment

Feb 4 In Meguro before seeing Being John Malkovich
Feb 1 Atsuko stops by for dinner
Jan 29 A very pregnant Kyoko in her Chinese dress
Jan 28 Pictures from the snow storm on Jan 27