Hello Beautiful People

Yesterday we had our second big snow in Tokyo, about 17 centimeters. Below are pictures of me in front of our house and in our driveway. I hope you have a fast Internet connection then you won't have to wait. Our web creation skills are quite basic at this point, our main goal is just to worry about getting text and pictures up and forget about design for a while.

Kyoko's due date is Valentines day which is less than 3 weeks away. She is doing very well and is relaxed and confident. Without a car the snow limits her mobility. The streets here will be icy for another day or two. That is about it for now. Looking forward to seeing the new kid and getting back to the magical world of Michiana for some relaxation, yard work and excercise.

Pictures of the new baby on the way.

Love - Darren & Kyoko

In our driveway, the neighbor's house is behind

Our house is on the right, this is our driveway