Welcome to Anna`s Page!

Hello Friends, My name is Anna McKellin and I was born on February 17 at Aiiku Hospital in Tokyo at 8:40pm. I weigh 3.224 kilos and am 50.6 cm tall. Below are some pictures of me on my birthday and up to 10 days after that.

Some of the pictures are high resolution for those of you who would like to print them, however these might take a while to download if you have a slow Iinternet connection. Other pictures are low resolution for quicker viewing.



10 minutes after birth with Kyoko

10 minutes after birth
15 minutes after birth Atsuko and Anna
Anna at 19 hours Toshie and Anna
Anna and parents Cheers
Anna and Darren Keimei
DAYS 2 - 5
Anna on day 3 of life Anna sleeping
Technovox Sales Team #3 Darren in front of hospital
Kyoko and Anna Anna and Tim
Aki and Anna Anna Day 4
Anna Side Profile Anna Stomach Warming
Darren and Anna Late Night @
DAYS 6 - 10
Atsuko, Kyoko, Anna Anna Day 6
Atsuko and Anna on Day 6 Another Anna Day 6
Darren and Anna Late Night again Anna's Name