Michiana, hugging the southern shores of Lake Michigan.

A land dominated by the Plains Indians for thousands of years. A people who reverently held the Lake sacred, whose waters held extra-ordinary spritiual powers; giver of live and provider of food.

The lake climate and sandy soil produced an abundance of berries, grapes, apples and other fruits from mother nature while the lake teemed with fish. This special area, is a place that thousands make a special pilgrimage to each summer to unite with the energy that flows through the forrests, feilds, beaches and healing waters of the lake called Michigan


Michiana- Pictures from mid-90's
The Boys playing frisbee Jim, Trent, Darren
Aaron, Mandy, Tim Trent Meditation
Phil, Jenna, Kyoko Toni Fire
Kenny, Kyoko David, Deb, Deidre, Darren
Carolyn, Darren Jenna Croquette
Kenny's Date Sunset Tai Chi
Seymours & Whiteheads Kyoko, Kristen, Jenna, Phil
PJ, Kathy, Toni, Tim Rar, Darren
Lee, Bethany, Kyoko Jim, Deidre
Rar and his product Frisbee at the sandbar
Dee and the girls Tom the fire starter
Aaron and Mandy in the moment Laura down the dunes
Aaron and Darren in the jam Jim and Tom indulging
Six for Croquette

Path and tools

Flood boys looking tough in the yard
Front of house Path to enlightenment
Darren cleaning out the weeds Shrine
Back of house Sunset